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Good :D

I liked this :D its of has its joke :D, dude don't worry about the dudes below criticizing your work, saying its not funny.. and that things, they just expected a Metal Gear Awesome Like, but as they are 13 year old kids that havent done anything of flash they don't understand whats to be original :D keep it up dude :D

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Shadowii2 responds:

heh, I guess. But it's also that some people might not take this as so funny than some other people do.
Some people like, some don't. That's a fact.

But glad ya enjoyed it! :D

Really Great!

One of my EW favorites, it made my day , the thuing i liked the most was the drawing after the coronel says "Im so proud of you" its just fantastic, you should post it somewhere, the animation is good, it gets your style, making simple motion tweens look great. Love it much , great job Ed :D

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Sickly amazing

To be honest, i didnt like Alfred that much, just liked when you make the insanity something really obscure and related to the past and one meets reality, just like the ending of this one, you really are good for that theme, just like Raise of alfred, it had his kinda sick side, but the important thing was the crazyness he showed towards the real things, now i like alfred much more that when i saw the first part of this xD

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Love it but it can improve :D

ok i just think its perfect :D the transit and the goverment acts its great, really good improvement :D just that i think there should be other logical ways to get people and countries infected, like Birds, or other kind of animal, because some places like islands are really hard to reach some times so maybe more ways to spread the illness would be cool, Maybe even choosing the place of the viruz paracite or bacteria would be awesome!, i dunno like example a parasite that you can choose that it gets himself in different organs making it difficult to eliminate, would be a really good extra :D maybe more social disasters would be cool :D

Love it

I have to accept im a great zombie fan, and yeah its general but i think you made your purpose perfectly, know who really will survive in an outbreak, its simple but entertaining, i hope next comes soon, i got Z+, i hope next ones are about other tipe of zombie, or maybe more specific questions, great job keep it coming.

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I love this song..

I cant belive it... best cover of any song ive known, its beutifull, the voice has so much emotion, its, just.. Great.. keep the great job, love the voice, thanks im gonna use this to get inspired to animate :'D


Its awesome xD expect me to ask your voice acting for more animations in the future xD really :D, only one thing, i think you need a better microphone the the sound is not totally clean but still awesome :D

Adidaas responds:

Hah thanks man, I look foward working with you in the future.
And yeah I know, the microphone I use is on a headset, so you can really only expect the quality to be decent at best.^^;

Well im in vacations, and i have 2 months until college starts : D so! ill be making animations like a retard :D

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Lazy ass bastard

None :D



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