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Well im in vacations, and i have 2 months until college starts : D so! ill be making animations like a retard :D

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Posted by ChaozMaker - June 14th, 2008

Well i really dont care if no one knows the game Obscure: The aftermath, :D maybe because newgrounds is infested with 13 year olds :D but meh...

Made this animation in a day, ALL, voice acting (sucks i know :D), better only vote depending on the animation, its animation :D not a comedy show :P

if you played the game :D you should check it out :D


enjoy :D

My first Awesome animation is Out :D

Posted by ChaozMaker - May 25th, 2008

ok here it comes, almost there, Desings and characters all finished, Nameless end has a trailer, its short and has no sound, but at least gives you an idea, and i still need voice acting, but yeah, Nameless end is going for the first chapter.

Heres the link to the trailer:


Hope you enjoy it.

Nameless end Trailer

Posted by ChaozMaker - April 5th, 2008

NAMELESS END, its a story about a lonely man ,that adventures with his troop inside a infested city, his colegues die, and he stands alone, he fears that withouth comunication and from a year from since he entered the citadel , that no one else in the world is around to help him, now he fears his inner demons, his mind, and his thoughts to survive...

Well yeah, its about all my intro to the new animation, just finishing my concept art, but this animation i hope it has great graphics at least. but here you go, another concept art my newgrounders.

Hello there Newgrounds!!! More About NAMELESS END

Posted by ChaozMaker - February 29th, 2008

I know i leaved this animation a little mysterious :D so here you go some concept art of the Character, i already have it complete :D this concept art its kinda recent :D

New "Nameless End" Concept art

Posted by ChaozMaker - February 24th, 2008

Hello there :D im working in 2 new animations one called:

A Tree thing: Searching VOICE ACTORS! for it, you just message me with your email and ill send the script, then you send back your best recording :D

And the other:

Nameless End: I wont talk about this one much, since i want it to be a really good animation , it would be my first serious animation and i am working on the backgrounds, but i can show you one of the concept art for you to see, i liked my drawing a lot, so i don't want anyone stealing it, thats why its water marked.

Voice actors Needed and New animations on their way!

Posted by ChaozMaker - February 18th, 2008

Ive finished my new animation about a dane cook's joke, "Car alarm".
So take a look and comment please, hope you enjoy.

Chaoz Maker out...

Posted by ChaozMaker - October 8th, 2007

I did quite well today, i found the microphone and the programs i needed, and im on a 1/4 of flash in just one day, a halloween flash! YAY!!

I dont wanna post any of the pictures of the flash right now, if some one attempts to copy the idea XD so i dont wanna risk.

:) but now!! that we have a microphone we are ready!! YAY!

Heres some of my art: it needs a sign :s

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